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Walnut oil - SoWell - cold-pressed, 250 ml

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Ask about product

Walnut oil - SoWell - cold-pressed, 250 ml

Walnut oil - SoWell - cold-pressed, 250 ml

Symbol: SOW-458987

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Cold-pressed walnut oil of the SoWell brand.

The oil is obtained by pressing pre-roasted walnuts. It is unrefined, rich in Omega-3 acids and free from any chemicals.

It is recommended as an addition to any vegetable salads, especially those made on the basis of leaf lettuce, arugula, celery or red cabbage. It can be served with cottage cheese as an addition to sauces and marinades, and also to season dishes. It also tastes great when served with fresh bread instead of butter.

INGREDIENTS: 100% walnut oil

CAPACITY: 250 ml


SYMBOL: SOW-458987

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